Amnet: Maximizing Awareness for a Leading Food Brand Through a 96% VCR

How Amnet engaged Equativ to achieve a 96% video completion rate for their client on a branding video campaign in four key markets.

Amnet France is a trading desk working with more than 200 advertisers in France and around the globe on wide RTB campaigns from branding to performance, including the creation of personalized audiences and activations on all programmatic digital levers (display, video, social, audio, CTV, DOOH, etc.). 


Amnet’s client, a leading international food player, needed to run a three-week branding video campaign to promote its core product in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. The brand wanted to ensure its video would be seen by a broad and relevant audience to remain a top-of-mind player within their industry. Video Completion Rate (VCR) was used as a primary KPI.


In order to guarantee the brand’s message would be heard, Amnet decided to activate four Auction Packages on Equativ’s premium inventory. 

Targeting video inventory with above 90% predicted VCR, Amnet benefited from Equativ premium supply and advanced performance algorithms to deliver on the best performing video inventory across the four targeted markets. 


Completed Video Ads

  • Being the largest reach among other channels (other SSPs and direct publishers) 

             Average Video Completion Rate

  • +4 points vs. SSP #2
  • +12 points vs. SSP #3 

Average Video Completion Rate in Italy

  • +8 vs. other SSPs

                            Back and forth

  • Regarding campaign setup
Amnet Video Completion Rate Case Study

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