SMART buyer connect

The direct-first platform built to manage programmatic deals

Transparent, efficient and straightforward

Experience how easy, time-saving, granular and efficient the deal creation should be.

to create a deal on Smart Buyer Connect
more reach vs prepackaged Auction Packages
more deals with activation amongst first users
customizable deals to reach the right audience

A unique suite of tools to enable deal efficiency

Inventory forecast

Access Real time inventory forecast broken down by Publishers, ad format, device…

Auction Packages

Effortlessly create cross-publisher Auction Packages

Deal Troubleshooting

Save a huge amount of time and reduce manual errors  

Data Marketplace

Reach your audience through data, context and performance targeting 

Domain Insights

Increase campaigns performance with domain insights

Bid Recommendation

Get a recommended bid value to increase your campaign efficiency

The Smart Buyer Connect platform has been very useful to Audigent. It complements the way we view data activation and allows us to grow a very exciting revenue stream we believe will impact the future of the landscape tremendously.

A key benefit of SBC is the granularity of deal curation. Smart AdServer enables a tremendous amount of unique curation across many different inventory types and channels as it allows us to leverage data across channels our clients desire.

Kyle Vidasolo

VP of Business Development at Audigent

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