FIFA World Cup 2022 Brings
Global Audiences Together

For 4 weeks this autumn, 5 Billion fans around the world will tune in and stream the FIFA World Cup 2022. As the only global sporting event of this scale, this is a unique opportunity to reach and engage these passionate fans, so don’t miss out.

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  • Reaching World Cup enthusiasts on premium sites such as FIFA, ESPN, BeIN Sports and more!

  • Premium access to live CTV streaming on World Cup national broadcasters across the globe + broad availability of rich media and interactive formats across all screens

  • Leveraging our AI-based semantic contextual targeting, matched with audience data to reach your customers with precision and scale

Targeting Strategies to Reach Your Audience with Precision and Scale

By leveraging our campaign targeting and highly engaging formats you can reach your desired audience with precision and at scale across all screens and formats.

Semantic Segments Available

Category and  Keyword Targeting

CTV Solutions to Get You Closer To the Game

From live CTV streaming on national broadcasters to the most watched news, highlights, and scores, we’re in the heart of the action.

Engaging Formats to Amplify Your World Cup Campaigns

Our granular campaign targeting and highly engaging formats across all screens will connect you to your audiences during all stages of the live event.




Connected TV


Interactive Formats

Youtube FIFA


Premium Publishers

Highlights on World Cup fans around the globe

of the audience are males
of the audience are Tech lovers
are between 25 and 44 years old
of the audience are foodies

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