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Buy with confidence.

100% Quality
Over 17 years ago, we made a commitment to quality by focusing exclusively on premium publishers. We fulfill this commitment through proprietary technology and strict policies that support both the buy and sell sides. 

100% Brand-Safe
With direct connections and our leadership in quality initiatives such as ads.txt, Smart creates a brand-safe environment that serves the needs of demanding buyers. Smart’s Private Garden approach for premium publishers allows brands to buy with confidence.

100% Transparent
At Smart, transparency has always been a key differentiator. We ask our publishers to be transparent, and we are fully transparent with them. We share all big data — up to the log level.

Smart ensures the highest level of quality.


Strict Processes

Each new publisher signs a commitment to our quality policy to make sure that the whole chain is safe and secure. 100% of domains are investigated nonstop, 24/7.

team members

Dedicated Team

Our Quality team, works daily to enable programmatic buyers to buy with confidence. We have a VP Analytics & Quality and 4 dedicated quality experts.

of traffic scanned

Leading Technology

All Smart RTB+ impressions are scanned by industry-leading and in-house tools. Smart constantly monitors  fraudulent traffic and immediately cuts it upon detection.

ads.txt compliant

Committed to Standards

Smart is an industry leader, implementing the latest quality market initiatives. 100% ads.txt compliant and an active IAB member, Smart participates in market quality workshops across the globe. 

We share our data on fraud.

At Smart, we have a strong desire to proactively increase quality throughout the ecosystem. We are openly sharing all data we gather about fraudulent activities related to both ad quality and traffic quality.

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Quality Vendors

"Smart RTB+ is a key partner for us. At S4M we have a diligent vetting process for all of our partners to guarantee only the best quality campaigns for our clients. Our technology is committed to remain up-to-date and ensure that we can detect even the most sophisticated fraud." — Christophe Collet, CEO
"We have been working with Smart STB+ for more than two years, and they are a valuable source of quality inventory for out customers. We continuously monitor for detection for bots, and other types of fraud and we occasionally detect some fraudulent impressions or spoofing, but this is not something specific to Smart. They are among the better players in the industry in that respect, with processes and tools in place to ensure we get high quality inventory, and with a full team dedicated to quality." — Noelia Amoedo, CEO
"As a creative mobile DSP, we work with multiple SSPs on a global scale, and Smart RTB+ has been one of our privileged partners since we launched the Hawk platform. We have never had any related issues with Smart regarding ad fraud, and to our knowledge, Smart is working as much as any other exchange towards improving ad quality and supporting the IAB ads.txt initiative." —Mehdi Aroussi, Publisher Director, Europe
"As an independent DSP, Zebestof has been buying inventory on Smart RTB+ for many years. The quality of Smart's supply has always been irreproachable. All of our internal and external brand safety tools show Smart RTB+ inventory is in compliance with the standards." —Antoine Saglier, CEO
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