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Why Curation?

The programmatic ecosystem is fragmented and complex and changes in the identity landscape are adding new challenges, especially around audience data activation.

Curators are bringing a new layer of inventory & audience intelligence in order to provide new and efficient media products.

Smart buyer connect with Smart curation solution on screen

Why Smart for Curation?

Smart provides a suite of tools and a powerful UI that allow curators to easily combine their data and inventory insights with Smart massive reach and SSP capabilities to create powerful media products.

Global Scale

Access massive & quality inventory globally from Smart SSP.

1st Party Data

Activate your first-party data with full control, high match rates and real-time forecasting.


Save time creating deals, reporting on their performance, and troubleshooting with our intuitive interface.

Precision & performance

No matter the format, device, or location settings, use our advanced targeting tools to achieve your campaign goals.

On your terms

Set your own rules to create your campaigns and use any DSP or Direct buy.

Our marketplace and account management team is ready to fully support you in setting up your business and identifying key inventory opportunities.

At a time when brands need to have the highest confidence and the best results possible, the partnership with Smart means programmatic buyers no longer need to settle for data with a shelf-life by combining our data with Smart’s premium top-tier supply for a double win.

Vincent Pelillo

President Europe, Captify

I am delighted to announce that we have strengthened our strategic partnership with one of the most dynamic players in our industry! Smart and Sirdata continue to innovate to anticipate structural changes in the digital market for buyers and publishers, and this step is key in the deployment of Sirdata’s cookieless and consentless targeting and retargeting offers

Benoît Oberlé

CEO, Sirdata

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