Contextual Targeting Done Right

Resonate with viewers that care through the content that matters

Win Audience Attention In The Privacy-First World

In the world of increasing data privacy concerns and obsolete cookies, context is your go-to answer. Smart is the first SSP with a natively integrated contextual targeting solution that connects advertisers with potential consumers across affinity content. 

Brand-safe, AI-powered, and cookie-free – our semantic contextual targeting is all you need to reach the right audience and drive performance across brand-relevant content.

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Leverage the benefits of contextual Targeting

Connect with Engaged audiences

Reach users based on their interests and consumed content.

Boost Campaign Performance

 Win x2 CTR & 13% higher engagement vs low context ads.

target Brand-suitable context only

Avoid potentially harmful and irrelevant ad placements.

Wave goodbye to cookies

Build ethical targeting strategy respectful of user privacy.

The Best of Human & Artificial Intelligence Combined

Smart’s NLP-powered contextual AI technology strives towards a human-like understanding of publishers’ inventory. Each webpage is semantically analyzed and categorized into contextual targeting segments available for immediate use to both media buyers and sellers. With rigorous human oversight and custom segment creation, your message is guaranteed to reach the users.

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Smart contextual targeting explained on a vertical phone


ready to use segments

Target true meaning

without keyword matching

16 languages


Custom segment


They Trust Us

The world’s leading brands run their contextually enhanced campaigns with Smart. You can be next!

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