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Separating CTV Myths from Reality

Not all OTT is delivered via Connected TV, and too many buyers are being led down a dangerous path by paying more and getting less than they should from their budgets. 

Our commitment to quality goes beyond just recognizing a publisher. We take your campaigns as seriously as you do and ensure that each Connected TV placement is on a real TV platform, in front of real people, watching only the best and most suitable content for your brand.


Popular CTV Myths

Myth #1


Reality: OTT video content can be found on desktop and mobile video players as well as on big screens. But unless it comes through a Connected TV device or SmartTV, it isn’t CTV advertising.

Myth #2

All CTV Content is High Quality

Reality: Just because it’s on a Connected TV platform, that doesn’t mean it’s premium or good for your brand. Work with a partner who ensures quality publishers and safety from fraud.

Myth #3

CTV isn’t

Reality: Today, the majority of Connected TV campaigns are managed manually, but this is changing. Programmatic access to Connected TV inventory from publishers, aggregators, and platforms is expanding.

Myth #4

CTV Should Share KPIs With Digital

Reality: Connected TV metrics should include broadcast measures like reach and frequency coupled with useful digital metrics including audience, context, and completion rates.

What Makes Us Different

When recently planning a Connected TV campaign for a Financial Services client  we saw first-hand how many details there are to navigate in the Connected TV landscape. Smart is providing clarity for buyers like us.”

President - Advanced Advertising Agency

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