Your Connected TV Advertising Platform

Build durable Connected TV advertising revenue across all
points of distribution

From your owned and operated streams to aggregation partner deals, knowing how to get maximum revenue from every stream is essential.

At Smart, we know the ins and outs of Connected TV advertising and our 20 year history of optimizing programmatic yield for publishers helps us to get you there.


Benefit from the most powerful ad server and natively integrated SSP


In video, your ad server makes all the difference.
Ours is purpose-built to manage CTV campaigns


Manage direct and programmatic demand seamlessly while optimizing yield and fill rates


Combine FAST, AVOD, and linear addressability with traditional digital video and display formats


Holistic reporting for real-time insights across all your channels and screens

Benefit from an independent platform.

  • Unbiased connections to all major CTV demand sources
  • Direct Sales & Advanced Deal Management
    Build your own PMP to maximize revenue across all CTV channels
  • Specialized advanced video features
    CSAI or SSAI compliant, dynamic ad podding, deep content metadata and contextual targeting
  • Powerful audience selection & targeting capabilities
    Quickly activate multiple data layers to increase inventory value

“Smart is approaching CTV inventory monetization in a way that makes sense to anyone who has been working in broadcasting or streaming. It’s a natural transition for us.”

SVP - Video Entertainment Streaming Service

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