Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow Before Cannes Lions

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To spice up your Twitter feed.

In two days, the best and brightest of the advertising world will descend upon Cannes for the annual Cannes Lions gathering. Moguls, entrepreneurs, celebrities and techies alike will spend seven days networking, meeting, greeting, conversing, workshopping, awarding and partying with the industry’s creative minds and business experts.

If you’re like most attendees, you’re in for a long flight, a long train ride, or both! You can spend that time on your laptop working, or you can do something you’ve probably been meaning to do for months — update your Twitter feed!

Check out our list of the top ten Twitter accounts to follow before Cannes gets underway. These tweeters will keep you up to date and entertained even if you can’t make it to this year’s festival.

10. Brian Morrissey @bmorrissey

Brian Morrissey has been tweeting since the inception of Twitter and posts a healthy combination of current events commentary, ad tech insights and publisher-focused news. As Editor-in-Chief of Digiday, he has a lot of good stuff to say. Plus he’s hilarious.

He’s scheduled to attend, so if you’re going, you may see him there!

His bio: Editor in Chief at Digiday

His funniest tweet this week:


9. Brian Solis @briansolis

Solis is a big name digital marketing analyst out of the Altimeter Group, a San Francisco-based research and advisory firm. He’s also the author of several books on the relationship between the evolution of tech and its impact on business and society. He’s is particularly interested in digital disruption. And with 250k followers and an engaged blog audience, Solis certainly someone to have in your Twitter feed.

His Twitter  bio is a link to his Wikipedia page:

His funniest tweet this week:


8. Cyrille Geffray @CyrilleGeffray

After 10 years in the ad tech industry, the CEO of the leading mobile ad serving solution in Europe has finally gotten a Twitter account! It’s in it’s infancy, but is poised to be a good one, full of innovative product announcements, photos and videos, and musings from the man in charge of an independent ad server and SSP dedicated to the sell side. If you’re a publisher, this one is for you! He’ll be in Cannes all week.

His bio: CEO of @SmartAdServerEN, the full stack ad technology platform. A 100% tech, 100% independent & 100% publisher-focused ad server & SSP.

His funniest tweet this week:


7. Judann Pollack @judy_pollack

The Deputy Editor of Ad Age’s Twitter is a mix of humor, news and inside industry jokes. She posted her first tweet on Cannes a few days ago, and there are certainly more to come.

Her bio: Deputy Editor of Ad Age, dog lover and reality TV connoisseur currently mourning American Idol. I do not have tiger blood and I do not move like Jagger.

Her funniest tweet this week:


6. Terence Kawaja @tkawaja

You’ve probably heard of the Lumascape by now. Well, meet its creator, Terence Kawaja, founder and CEO of Lumascape Partners. He’s not scheduled to speak at Cannes this year, but he’ll be tweeting from the event. And no one is more up to date on the current players in ad tech than he is, so…

His bio: media/tech advisor, banker, contrarian, comedian – often all of the above.

His funniest tweet this week:


5. jeff beer @jeffcbeer

Pop culture, advertising and creativity come together in Jeff Beer’s Twitter account. Editor of Fast Company, which describes itself as a “progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design”. Jeff’s tweets are as diverse and interesting as the Fast Company website. But beware, he does have a preference for sports-themed tweets.

He’s scheduled to be in Cannes, so be on the lookout for him if you’re going!

His bio: staff editor at Fast Company’s @Fastcocreate

His funniest tweet this week:


4 .Rachel Glickman @rachelglickman

This Broadway aficionado will definitely bring something new to your Twitter feed. As Chief Digital Officer at Playbill, she’s into tech, but you can tell her passion is the theater.

Her bio: Chief Digital Officer at Playbill. Media junkie, connector, creative, p/t geek, adventurer, animal advocate, New Yorker wherever I happen to be!

Her funniest tweet this week:

3. Shareen Pathak @shareenpathak

Shareen Pathak is the Managing Editor of Digiday. She’s attending Cannes Lions this year, and will speak on Tuesday, June 21 at “Why Start-ups Aren’t from Mars & Agencies Aren’t from Venus”, a debate about “why start-ups don’t think they need agencies and why agencies struggle to woo start-ups with their brilliance.” Shareen’s already started tweeting about Cannes, so she’s one to add right away!

Her bio: managing editor @digiday, @glossyco.@columbiajourn alum. Indian/Singaporean/Canadian transplant.

Her funniest tweet this week:


2. sara livingston @saralivingston

This account is laid-back with just the right amount of tech sprinkled in! You never know what you’re going to get with Livingston, but 90% of the time it makes you laugh out loud. The other 10% of the time helps you remember that when it comes to ad tech, she knows what she’s talking about. After all, she is VP of Digital Strategy and Operations at Turner.

Her bio: my awesome teams and i help smart marketers market smarter. #weatherfx

Her funniest tweet this week:


1. Cannes Lions @Cannes_Lions

THE account for all the info about the festival! (obviously)

Their funniest tweet this week:


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