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What are VPAID and VAST?

What are VPAID and VAST? 1 – What is VAST (Video Ad Serving Template)? VAST is the IAB standard necessary to serve in-stream video ads.

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TRUST.ID: The Initiative for a Transparent and Better Advertising World

Advertisers and publishers all over the world are desperately looking for more transparency as the digital advertising chain includes a long list of intermediaries whose practices and transaction models can be seen as a “black box” (a complex system or device whose internal workings are hidden or not readily understood).

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Mobile In-App Guide

Smart Mobile In-App Guide

With this Mobile In-App Guide, learn how easy it is to create innovative advertising experiences on mobile apps. Download for free.

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The next evolution against ad fraud

For the first time this year, Smart organized a thought-leadership speaking series over two days at its booth. Dubbed ‘Smart Talks’, the sessions featured the company’s demand partner, Mediarithmics and premium publisher clients, Deezer, ShowHeroes and Styria Digital One.

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OpenX alternative
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Looking for a replacement for OpenX Ad Server?

The adtech industry is moving rapidly and strategic moves by major players can impact publisher tech stacks. This is the case with OpenX when the company announced that it will shut down its publisher ad server in March 2019, in order to refocus on programmatic and video. Smart is an OpenX Alternative you should consider.

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