Marine Desoutter

OpenX alternative
Online Advertising

Looking for a replacement for OpenX Ad Server?

The adtech industry is moving rapidly and strategic moves by major players can impact publisher tech stacks. This is the case with OpenX when the company announced that it will shut down its publisher ad server in March 2019, in order to refocus on programmatic and video. Smart is an OpenX Alternative you should consider.

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gdpr cmp

GDPR: Get Your Mobile Apps Ready

GDPR will go into effect in 3 days. So, you’ve got 3 days left to ensure that all your digital assets are compliant with the new European rules and regulations. Here are a few reminders to help you get ready for Friday.

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programmatic guaranteed
Ad Operations

What is Programmatic Guaranteed?

Is there more than one definition for programmatic guaranteed? What does a Deal ID and a publisher’s API have to do with it? Find out Smart AdServer’s take on things in this article.

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