Switching from LiveRail? Here are 4 reasons to choose Smart AdServer

Why should you read this article ?
Because LiveRail is cutting it’s ad serving solution and you still need one!

U.S. digital video ad spending reached nearly $7.8 billion in 2015, an increase of 33.8% over the previous year, according to eMarketer. The estimate represented 13.3% of total digital ad dollars. Out-stream is becoming the golden child of video — it is priced at four times the amount of traditional formats in mobile and 60% of publishers have seen better ROI compared with other formats.

LiveRail offered a video solution that the sell side gravitated towards, but Facebook, its parent company, has decided to cut its ad serving solution. If you’re a current customer, you can choose to stick with Facebook and monetize though through Facebook Audience Network, but if that’s not the way you want to go, you can certainly choose an alternative.

So, how can Smart AdServer help you monetize your video inventory?

Top 4 reasons you should switch to Smart AdServer

1. A fast migration and a solid support team

If you’re changing ad servers, the process should be swift and painless. Our Embedded Ad Manager makes player integration easy, and you won’t have to worry about the development end. Smart AdServer supports VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VPAID 1 and VPAID 2.0, so ad intelligence (such as VAST parsing, ad playback and tracking) can be developed in your player on mobile web, regardless of whether you’re utilizing Flash or HTML. Our ad manager is flexible and our support team works with you side-by-side to ensure the process is a success.

We’ve already migrated the equivalent of 2 billion monthly video ad impressions with all our former Liverail clients.

2. Organic solutions

Smart AdServer had originally launched 15 years ago as a display ad server. Over the years, we have built upon our publisher ad server by adding rich media branding capabilities, a mobile component, and advanced video advertising. On top of that, we have built-in RTB capabilities to allow our publishers to use programmatic demand as a means to assess the value of their direct sales and choose the best buying method for monetization.

Our video offer encompasses all the benefits of our legacy core ad platform, providing solutions across all screens and for all devices. It’s cross-platform by nature. In addition, our homegrown rich media solution has allowed us to build a flexible and diverse VAST-based out-stream video library.

3. Holistic yield management through a full stack SSP

Smart AdServer’s holistic yield management allocation system simultaneously assesses demand sources to determine the best monetization opportunity for each impression. Performance networks, direct buyers and programmatic opportunities are all taken into account during the decision-making process, allowing our fully integrated demand and data agnostic ad server and SSP to guarantee a better placement of inventory to the right audience. The result: the highest possible CPM.

Activation and management of RTB+, our holistic yield platform, is easy. Once you go through our simple rules set up, you’ll be able to manage all your revenue sources on your own, from a single platform.

Our full stack platform has Direct iOS, tag in tag with dynamic client side waterfalling and RTB, making us the best of breed infrastructure to operate a video advertising business. The leverage is obvious when you consider the current CPM for video.

4. Mobile Expertise

Video ads are a great way to increase mobile branding revenue. On mobile, there is less space to monetize, so publishers are automatically forced to go for higher CPMs. The result is out-stream ad units that are priced at four times the amount of traditional formats.

Smart AdServer added its mobile component in 2010, and, with 50% of the European market, is already ranked among the top platforms for this mobile on the continent. We deliver to all screens and offer video ad serving for both mobile apps and mobile web. In-stream ad templates for pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll, VAST 2.0 support, video transcoding and viewability measurements are all available.

Our Showcase app, available for Android and iOS,  displays all our rich media advertising formats, from native to out-stream to video interstitial.

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Case Study

The French company Marmiton is a prime example of a successful in-app integration of our video solution. The food content publisher choose Smart AdServer to better monetize their iOS and Android apps. Before using our solution, the only inventory they sold was in the form of banners and interstitials. But with the help of Smart AdServer, they added pre-roll video advertisements.

Campaigns resulted in highly qualified clicks and 100% of the inventory was sold. They received no negative feedback from users on the AppStore or Google Play.

Sound good to you?

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