What makes Smart different?

A shared-interest business approach to growing publisher and advertiser revenue

The Smart Story

Smart was born within a premium publisher looking to develop their own ad server while still retaining full control of their business. Given the pace of change in today’s ad tech world, we understand how important it is for publishers and advertisers to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity on their terms.

Since our founding in 2001, we have never abandoned our mission to create the best solutions in order to meet the strategic shifts in the market and allow our clients to optimize their success. We acquired LiquidM in 2019 to offer enhanced access to premium inventory. And, in 2021, we acquired the cookie-free CTV and video advertising platform DynAdmic to further accelerate our strategic efforts around video and TV.

Commitment to Quality and Privacy

We strive to operate the best-quality SSP enabling brands to achieve greater efficiency through their advertising spend and providing publishers the control they need to deliver true value path optimization. We are committed to leading the charge in building a transparent, privacy-sensitive industry and proactively work to ensure quality throughout our ecosystem.

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