What makes Smart different?

We help publishers build Private Gardens to take back control and maximize their revenues.

The Smart Story

Over 17 years ago, Smart was born within a premium publisher looking to create their own ad server in order to have full control of their business. Today, in a dynamic and challenging programmatic environment,  media and technology consolidation has created walled gardens that have unfair advantages and influence over independent publishers. It’s Smart’s mission to help publishers take back control and thrive.

Our flexible platform and services help forward-thinking publishers build their own Private Gardens to enable a fully transparent unified auction among all demand partners (DSPs, SSPs and ad networks), whether client side or server side. In a Private Garden, a publisher has 100% control of its demand partners, user experience, audience data and insights. In a Private Garden, a publisher is never operating at the mercy of its platform provider.  

Commitment to Quality and Privacy

At Smart, we strive to be the best-quality ad exchange, enabling programmatic buyers to purchase with confidence. Working proactively to increase quality throughout the ecosystem, we use proprietary internal as well as leading external monitoring tools. We openly share all fraudulent activities data related to ad and traffic quality. “GDPR ready”, we’re leading the charge in building a transparent, privacy-sensitive ecosystem based on quality. 

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Fast facts

  • Founded in 2001
  • Created within AuFeminin, a premium publisher
  • Went independent in 2015
  • 200 employees worldwide
  • 10 offices across the globe