What makes Smart different?

We help publishers build Private Gardens to take control and realize their fair share.

The Smart Story

Over 19 years ago, Smart was born within a premium publisher looking to create their own ad server in order to have full control of their business. In today’s ad tech world, reaching a more valuable audience is even more critical than ever before. Programmatic advances have created short-term gains, but for publishers and buyers, sticking with the programmatic status quo jeopardizes long-term success. It’s Smart’s mission to help tomorrow’s leaders shift to a radically different ad tech model and take back control. 

Our fully transparent platform and shared-interest business approach enables premium publishers and brands to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms. In a shared-interest business approach you always act with certainty and have the control of all the variables for the right blend of transaction models, channels and formats, while activating the right audience data for value path optimization. 

Commitment to Quality and Privacy

At Smart, we strive to be the best-quality ad exchange, enabling programmatic buyers to purchase with confidence. Working proactively to increase quality throughout the ecosystem, we use proprietary internal as well as leading external monitoring tools. We openly share all fraudulent activities data related to ad and traffic quality. “GDPR ready”, we’re leading the charge in building a transparent, privacy-sensitive ecosystem based on quality. 

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+ Billion
RTB+ auctions/month
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Fast facts

  • Founded in 2001
  • Created within AuFeminin, a premium publisher
  • Went independent in 2015
  • +280 employees worldwide
  • 12 offices across the globe