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With more than 19 years of experience building a scalable and robust ad management platform, Smart allows publishers to run direct and programmatic campaigns across all digital formats and screens. Open, cutting-edge technology enables publishers to achieve holistic yield monetization through a truly unified auction, maximizing the value of every single impression. 


Smart’s cross-device, cross-channel technology is 100% independent, 100% publisher-focused and easy-to-use. The native integration of our SSP into the ad server enables the highest level of transparency and control. Smart publishers build Private Gardens to thrive outside of the constraints of the walled gardens.


Smart provides a powerful self-service Demand Side Platform (DSP) called LiquidM to help agencies, direct advertisers, and trading desks scale programmatic marketing efforts and maximize revenues. The LiquidM platform provides an intuitive UI, extensive global reach, and efficient campaign management tools. With a focus on native, display and video, the platform empowers its customers to reach, engage and grow brands’ audiences. 

1,000+ Forward Thinking Publishers Are Taking Control with Smart

Demand Partners

Revenue optimization is a key issue for us, but our priority is to respect our commitments with our direct sales advertisers. Smart’s holistic yield is an efficient solution to reconcile these needs and permits us to fine-tune our inventory sales strategy.

Jacques Hemmendinger

Managing Director, Régie E-Commerce

Smart's 3 Key Differentiators

Our shared-interest business approach enables publishers and brands to deliver and reach more valuable audiences. 


Transparency and Integrity


Neutral Independent Platform


Value Path Optimization

What makes us Smart

In today’s ad tech world, reaching a more valuable audience is more critical than ever before. Programmatic advances have created  short-term gains, but for publishers and buyers, sticking with the programmatic status quo jeopardizes long-term success. It’s Smart’s mission to help tomorrow’s leaders shift to a radically different ad tech model and take back control. 

Our fully transparent platform and shared-interest business approach enable premium publishers and brands to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms. In a shared-interest business approach you always act with certainty and have control of all the variables for the right blend of transaction models, channels and formats, while activating the right audience data for value path optimization. 

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Smart Ideas

In addition to thought leadership and practical articles, we deliver opinions and insights on this dynamic industry. 


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Renewed interest in ethical targeting and user privacy has brought semantic contextual targeting back into the spotlight for good reason. With the powerful new possibilities created through advances in AI over the last decade, it might be time for a second look at the benefits of semantic contextual targeting.

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