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Adexchanger.com: Rue Du Commerce Lets Direct And Programmatic Compete

Direct-and-programmaticIf publishers allow programmatic to compete with direct-sold impressions within their ad server, they needn’t bother with header bidding.

French ecommerce site Rue du Commerce saw a sizable boost in yield when it did just that. It belongs to a family of ecommerce sites, Régie E-Commerce (REC), which together attract 14 million uniques a month. The sites monetize the majority of their impressions via direct deals, with a 70-30 split between direct and programmatic.

In order to improve the yield it gets from programmatic, it implemented a feature called holistic yield management in its ad server, Smart Ad Server’s SmartRTB+, that allows programmatic impressions to compete with direct-sold ones. Smart Ad Server scores a direct-sold campaign based on the likelihood that it will deliver. That score will determine if the programmatic impression can beat the direct-sold one.

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