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Premium programmatic

Our cross-platform, cross-device, cross-channel technology is 100% independent, 100% publisher-focused and easy-to-use. Access top quality buyers via an SSP integrated into the ad server.

Deliver premium ad

campaigns on all screens

Offer branding opportunities and increase your inventory appeal with innovative ad formats for web,
mobile web and mobile apps.

    Rich Media

    Rich Media formats let the imagination take over, creating an unforgettable experience which drives interaction.


    Native ads are non-intrusive and integrate seamlessly into the page, driving high engagement and powerful ad performance.


    In-stream and out-stream video formats stimulate the user, making a powerful impact which enhances the user experience.
  • “We have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of RTB+ implementation and it has immediately generated good results. We expect a lot from new RTB+ formats and hope to continue to reach many new buyers.”

    Olga López, RTB manager, Antevenio
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Manage any type of deal

Maximize the value of your audience and get the best prices.

Regain full control

of your inventory

Use the most advanced tools in the market to focus on your strategy and regulate the sale of your inventory.

Easy set-up

Activate RTB+ on all screens in one click

Granular control

Manage the RTB rules with maximum granularity:

+ control the transparency level of your inventory

+ set the floor price based on site, page, format, DSP, publisher, category, geographic region, etc.

+ create block-lists

Creative quality monitoring

Our quality ad control tools will ensure that your inventory remains clean, safe and engaging:

+ Smart machine learning

Third party tools in cooperation with ClarityAd

+ Transparency reports

+ Creative control interface

Optimize your

advertising revenue

Thanks to a global overview of your inventory, you’ll optimize sales and ensure the best price.

Access to over 50,000 leading global marketer brand buyers through our Demand Partner Network.

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