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Smart has been the gold standard in mobile ad serving in Europe since 2008. We offer the most innovative, feature-rich and easy-to-use solution on the market. It couldn’t be easier to create and deliver stunning interactive ads across mobile web pages and applications.

Deliver relevant
mobile ad experiences

Smart Mobile Rich Media makes delivering dynamic and engaging ads effortless.
With straightforward Rich Media templates at your fingertips, you can create a campaign even if you don’t have stellar technical skills.

Trusted and certified by major media agencies and rich media vendors

Easily traffic powerful
mobile campaigns

Smart allows you to manage all your inventory in one view, within a single workflow. Benefit from our holistic yield, state-of-the-art interface, and advanced optimization and reporting features — all in one platform.

The easiest trafficking workflow

  • iOS & Android
  • multiple screen size
  • device orientation: landscape / portrait
  • multiple formats

Accurate targeting based on:

  • device type (via manufacturer, model or OS)
  • connection type
  • location through geotargeting
  • SDK version
  • screen size
  • any sales channel


Use GPS positioning to pinpoint your target audience based on proximity to a location.

Reporting and forecasting

Get real-time campaign statistics as well as accurate and reliable forecasts based on date, media type, operator, brand model, location and more.


Deliver your ads to users even when they’re offline (during their commute, for example).

Showcase apps

  • Preview your ad on actual devices before it goes live with our QR code previews
  • Build an ad showcase to demonstrate and sell your ad products
  • Download the application for free via the AppStore


Measure the number of viewable impressions and define viewability settings based on parameters such as location and area of ad exposure.

  • “With Smart we have been able to do specific targeting segmentation. That, coupled with the ability to use very different and interactive media formats, results in high engagement campaigns with great ROI.”

    João Carvalho, Managing Director, Hands Mobile
    Read the client Q&A

Increase revenue

Rev up your sales and maximize yield across all screens! A seamless connection with Smart’s programmatic solution RTB+ enables you to access new demand sources in one click and instantly monetize unsold inventory.

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