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The full stack
ad technology

Smart offers one integrated platform to run your entire ad serving business — including direct and programmatic, across all digital formats and screens.

Our solution is simple and elegant — hands down the most intuitive and user-friendly interface on the market. It answers your most important needs.


Benefit from Holistic Yield Management

The Smart full stack platform features both an ad server and an SSP. From a single entry point, you can manage all your revenue sources: direct, programmatic and ad network mediation. Our outstanding holistic yield optimization algorithm ensures that each impression is sold through the best sales channel in order to maximize your overall revenue.

Doing client-side header bidding? You can benefit from our new full holistic yield management solution: Holistic +. For web and web mobile campaigns, you can manage all your revenue sources — direct, programmatic, and header bidding.


Deliver any type of ad, anywhere

Reach your audience wherever they are. We provide a fully unified workflow, making it extremely easy to traffic any type of ad on any device.

Smart also natively embeds a module that simplifies the way you build ads. Use our templates or make your own to deliver a relevant ad experience that utilizes formats, such as rich media, native and video.

“…there’s no doubt that Smart provided a lot of efficiency in our operating model and offered new opportunities in programmatic sales.”

Alan Strek, Business Manager, Grupo RBS


Simplify your ad ops

and stay in control

Smart’s interface is like no other — powerful and incredibly easy to use. You don’t need a team of experts. The platform is intuitive, flexible and user-friendly. Our ad templates and live preview features set us apart by saving you time and reducing mistakes, while allowing you to demonstrate your value as a publisher — your unique content, audience and inventory.


We provide state-of-the-art tools that allow you to remain 100% in control of your inventory so that you can make the best decisions for your company. You have cutting-edge real-time forecasting, big data reports and viewability measurements all at your fingertips.

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