Smart is built for premium publishers to serve demanding buyers.

Why they chose Smart


Our platform is demand and data agnostic. Know where your money comes from and be sure it goes into your pocket.


Our ambition is to be #1 in quality ad tech. Strict ad quality policies and cutting-edge technology partners are in place to ensure ads are safe and clean.


Customize anything — ad management logic, channel priorities, programmatic rules, ad format templates and more. You can even integrate with your preferred tech partners via API.


The Smart client service teams are working closely with you to define the best set up, rules and optimization logics to help you maximize revenue and grow your business.

Holistic Optimization

Benefit from the best-in-class holistic optimization engine. Based on powerful forecasting algorithms that take all channels into account, it ensures the highest CPM while securing your commitments to direct advertisers.


The Smart platform is decision-driven. Make the most relevant decisions for our business with powerful forecasting and granular analytics tools.

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