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Mobile Interstitial Alternatives For Protecting Your Search Ranking

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A few weeks ago, Google decided it would downgrade the SEO ranking of mobile sites that run “intrusive” interstitials. If you missed this news, please read about it here.

Smart offers a wide range of ready-to-use mobile ad units that can be monetized through direct and programmatic sales. They will help you continue to provide a top-notch user experience on mobile without sacrificing revenue potential.

Here are just a few of formats that won’t downgrade your mobile search ranking. They’re all compatible with your programmatic integrated RTB+ stack.



And many more high-impact, highly engaging video and rich media formats!


We can help

We understand how this announcement could be disconcerting to you. Interstitials are a powerful, effective, and drive significant revenue for many of our mobile clients.

If you’re worried about the impact of Google’s decision on your business, contact us now to discuss which of our mobile rich media and mobile ad formats are right for you.



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