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Automated Guaranteed


Premium Inventory

Deserves Premium Demand.


Our platform is connected to the largest automated guaranteed buying platforms
around the world.

Publishers package once their guaranteed premium inventory just once to expose it
directly to all of our connected demand platforms. Premium inventory
will be available to new premium buyers from across the globe.

Agencies and trading desks have immediate, one-click access the highest quality inventory
without RFPs or tedious, time consuming negotiations.

Save time:

easy workflow, fewer headaches.

Our solution automates the sales and trafficking process to increase efficiency
and streamline your workflow. Your premium guaranteed campaigns are
automatically pushed in the ad server reducing manual labor and trafficking errors.

With automated guaranteed, you save time to focus on what matters
– building  stronger relationships with buyers and better monetizing your inventory.


Optimize your sales revenue.

The Smart full stack platform enables you to manage
your direct and programmatic revenue from a single interface.

Stay in control.

Accept or refuse booking requests, validate creative files, negotiate prices with your buyers.
Only buyers you trust can purchase your inventory.


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