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Multi-screen and multi-channel advertising is so complicated. Smart makes it easy.

Solutions for publishers

  • Holistic ad server

    Maximize yield with our robust ad serving platform designed to optimize the value of each ad impression. Precisely manage inventory and ad delivery on any platform using cutting-edge forecasting, targeting and big data reports.

    • Ad Server
    • RTB
    • Yield Management
    • Cross-platform
  • Premium programmatic

    Our next-generation SSP enables you to move forward in advertising automation with high- quality demand, innovative formats, granular controls, advanced deal management and more.

    • RTB
    • Deals
    • Rich Media
    • Video
    • Cross-platform
  • Leading mobile ad technology

    Utilize our complete ad suite to easily manage inventory and deliver banner, Rich Media and video ads to your mobile sites and apps.

    • RTB
    • Web
    • Apps
    • MRAID
    • Video
  • Cross-platform video ads

    Deliver in-stream and out-stream video ads on desktop and mobile platforms with a unified workflow.

    • Mobile
    • Web
    • HTML5
    • RTB
    • VAST
  • Rich Media and Native

    Easily build your own custom template or use one from our library to create a unique ad experience on any platform.

    • RTB
    • Mobile
    • Web

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Arnauld de Saint Pastou

MPublicité & RégieObs

Directeur des Activités Digitales

Smart is a unique technology integrating multi-device AdServing and an SSP solution. It gives us the opportunity to serve the best impressions at the right moment and for the best price via direct or programmatic sales. Smart’s dedicated yield management team has helped us create a real strategy focused on value.

Bruno Bush

Webedia Brasil

Ad Operations Manager

For RTB+, Smart represents 35% of our revenue for programmatic media inside Webedia. Integrating both services [ad server and RTB+], Smart’s CPM is 10% higher compared other platforms.

João Carvalho


Managing Director

With Smart we have been able to do specific targeting segmentation and with the capability of using very different and interactive media formats, we can have very engaged campaigns with great ROI.
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Ryan Mannion


Head of Product

Smart has been a great partner — keeping our site looking sleek and giving our team time to focus on bigger projects.

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